Many cities across the land have annual soirees that feature gatherings of restaurants owners, wine merchants, and others who vend food and drink.  The functions are well-planned and are held in large venues where the public comes to drink and eat and drink and listen to music and drink and have a grand old time.  Did I say they also drink a lot of wine?

The Dallas, Texas, version is SAVOR DALLAS.  Not sure when it began but I’ve now done the last 4 of them.  What a party!  Attendees have the chance to visit several venues in a 4 or 5 day stretch that culminates in a final gathering on Saturday night at the big finale.  At that one, there’s a live band, more food and wine, and Ken Brown engraving wine glasses!

I’m there by invitation with a full setup provided for me to sit and face a never-ending line of eaters and drinkers who want their name and the year on their wine glass.  Did somewhere between 250 and 300 glasses from 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

If you’re in a major city, check out the events calendars and see if you can wrangle a spot to engrave glasses.  Mucho lucrative night with dozens of important contacts getting their glasses engraved.

Usually some sweet lady offers to bring me a glass of wine every now and then (engraving gets better, looser, and prettier until the 4th glass, then I must refuse!)

 Always a great evening, always seeing a few who remind me they have a  glass I’ve engraved every year and they’re back for the new edition.

Tickets were a (gulp) $125. each for all the food and drink they could handle.  And free engraving of the wine glass they got when they arrived.

Next Ken Brown Engraving Workshop, where you learn this totally amazing skill, with nutso earning potential, is in late June.  Another in late August.  Check out the details and get a seat before they’re all sold out.  Discounts available upon request.


-Ken   214.250.6958


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