Back in the days, long before my Calligraphy morphed from pen to drill, Gail and I were publishing prints for Home Interiors & Gifts.  She used an inkwell with brushes and technical pens for sketching.  I used chisel pens for the Calligraphy.

I was also doing a small amount of custom work for posters, awards, etc.  No internet, email, or cell phones, or personal computers to promote and communicate our business. So, one cool way available to ‘wave our flag’ a bit every day, every mile, was with personalized car license plates.  Gail’s car wore INKWEL, (6 characters max!) and mine wore INKPEN.  We got a lot of notice and I’m certain it helped our business.


We had them in Texas in 1974, then we had them in Oklahoma for all the 14 years we were there,  When we moved back to Texas in 1992, they were not available any more. Boo!!

Not until 2 years ago did I try for another one and with my moniker as the ‘wine guy’ among many who know I’m the one known for engraving wine bottles.

BOTOM LINE:  If personalized tags are available in your state, figure out one that fits what you do and see if it’s available.  I tried a dozen names and none was available.  Then, VNOGUY flashed in my head, checked Texas records, and it was available.

I absolutely get business from my current one. Though a bit pricey at about $450. for 5 years, it’s like a rolling billboard for me and worth every penny; I drive about 2000 miles a month.  Above the tag on the hatch back, from a sign shop, in vinyl letters, is WINE BOTTLE ENGRAVING.  Below, on the hatchback handle of my Yukon, I have vnoguy.com   Lots of eyes to see where the site is where they can find more info.

WAVE YOUR OWN ‘FLAG’ some way!


The next two Engraving Workshops, filled with other off-the-wall marketing ideas, are in June and August.  You CAN learn hand-engraving with a dental drill!  Left-handers learn too!  It’s a magical technique that does NOT depend on your regular handwriting.

If you can never come to Texas for the Class, generate some interest in others where you are.  If you and I can get 10 people in the room, we’ll bring this show to you!  If you become the coordinator for the Class that fills in your city, you get yours free.

 Go to our site for Workshop details…and be sure to ask about the discount.

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