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Perhaps it was a collector of personalized tags that caught his/her fancy.  Maybe it was a couple of loose screws, but whatever happened, I just missed it a few days ago.  Got it in February, 2014, right after getting the Yukon.

When I went to the tag office to get a replacement, the agent said it happens that others have come thinking theirs was stolen too.  Oh well, with 7 bucks and a three week wait, some Texas prisoner in the tag shop will crank out another one.  May have to use better hardware mounting it this time.

Coincidentally, just yesterday I got a call from a man who said he has seen me driving around McKinney and made note of the vnoguy.com lettering just below the tag on the back.  He looked me up, called, and came to Market Street where he bought a wine bottle.  That’s happened several other times I know of and probably many I don’t. The right kind of advertising pays!

If you’re an engraver with access to personalized plates, it’s a great way to get noticed if you can come up with a clever arrangement of only 6 or 7 letters….depending on the state where you live.  Share a photo of yours if you have or get one!


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