Occasionally, someone will ask me to send them my business card as an example of something they can build on.  Here is my current card’s pdf that I sent to the commercial printer I’ve used for 40+ years.

I created the whole thing on my Mac using Pages as the layout program.  All the photos are in my Photos library.  The layout was done at approx 200% for more accurate layout control.  Hi-res photos were included in the layout.  All the type was set and positioned to clear the hole areas marked with the circles.  The holes were drilled in short stacks of cards after they were folded.  When folded, a small rubber band a or small fabric expandable loop goes into the hole to hang on a wine or spirits bottle.

Fifteen thousand were printed and folded.  Total production cost, from the layout and computer work I did, included proofing from the printer, printing, and bindery (folding), was $2745.

Now, you must remember, I’m using a couple of hundred at every event I do.  In addition, I hand them out liberally to gift stores, jewelry stores, and the china and bridal departments of large chain stores.  You probably won’t need nearly such a quantity or such an elaborate design.  This is a card you sorta grow into as your activities and needs dictate.  I can tell you, this is the best promotional piece in my business career.  They’re interesting and different and people tend to hold on to them and know where to find me when the need arises for what I do.

This is the 6th or 7th version of this design over the past dozen years.  Each time I get a new round printed, the cards are changed.  You’ll notice in the photo below the two pdf sides, the the ken brown feather logo was printed in a color instead of black.

The logo is the front of the card and the A WORD FROM KEN… is the back when all folded down.

Whatever you do for a business card, be sure you have a webpage address listed.  That’s a whole other story but it’s child’s play to get a single page on the internet with a good photo of you and your work and your contact info.  A couple or three pages is even better, but be there!

Your questions and comments are welcomed!


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